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Who is Shahla?

As far back as I can remember, I have always liked to help others. And that is what has brought me to this line of work, which I have spent the majority of my adult life focused on. I believe that solving a problem is about finding a new pathway and approaching life through a new lens. So let's connect and find a new pathway together.

Transforming mental healthcare

If you are parents, a couple, or an individual, and are not and are not sure about how to address a challenge you are facing, please feel free to contact me. My work with clients is a priority in my daily life, and I have many years of experience in couples, family, and child counselling. When it comes to children and youth, I truly believe that if we can help them address their challenges early, we will build for their future success and well-being.

A modern approach

My work is based on an anti-oppressive, strength-based, and trauma-informed framework.

The focus of my practice includes attachment models, childhood trauma, relationship challenges, anxiety, and behavior management. I specialize in providing parent/caregiver support drawing on emotion-focused family therapy.

This model assists parents/caregivers to strengthen family relationships and communication, and to support their child with emotional regulation and a return to mental wellness. I aim to create a therapeutic environment that is transparent and collaborative while being grounded in authenticity and compassion. I acknowledge and value the unique knowledge and skills each client brings to this work.

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