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Do you accept younger children for therapy?

Yes, I have specialized training and experience in working with younger children. My expertise includes areas such as infant sleep, child behaviour management, training and stress, stress management, toilet training and stress, separation anxiety, and more. I also provide validated cognitive and social-emotional screening for birth to 6 years old.

Do you offer couples counselling?

Yes, I do provide couples counselling for those wanting to work on their relationship or parents who wish to work on their parenting skills as well. In addition, I provide parent coaching sessions.

What if I am a separated or divorced parent?

I can work with both parents or with only parent. Whether both parents are together, separated, or divorced, I offer both separate and combined sessions for one or both parents, depending on what you are looking for and what works best for everyone involved.

Do you provide virtual services?

Yes. I provide virtual sessions through a secure and confidential platform known as “NousTalk”. Virtual sessions are available to individuals, couples, and families located anywhere in Canada. The sessions include both video and audio connectivity as well as online booking for an optimal experience.

What if I have more questions before deciding to start?

I will provide you with a free half hour appointment, during which I can answer any further questions and we can go from there. Please see the ‘Contact’ page to get in touch.

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